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Children Helping the Community

On Wednesday, May 23th, George Lyon Executive Director Samaritan House, and Christina Muniz VISTA Volunteer were presented with gift bags for homeless men and women from Sierra Vista Elementary School K-Kids.

The students of the K-kids got to learn about Samaritan House and its importance in the community and how their “Glad bags for the Homeless” can mean so much to someone who is without a home.

Students collected the bags in each of their classrooms and filled them hygiene items, a pair of socks and heartfelt letters of encouragement by the students.

“It’s encouraging to see people as young as these students stepping up and helping the homeless said Christina Muniz, a volunteer at Samaritan. We hope to continue to work with them and others and spread the knowledge of homelessness and how even the smallest things can mean a lot to someone.”

Thanks to the K-Kids students at Sierra Vista Elementary.