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Tell Us Your Story

Samaritan House, Inc. was born in 1977 when the Board of Deacons of the Presbyterian Church in Las Vegas, NM set up the organization as a haven for people in need. From that time on, many individuals that have passed through the doors from people in need: to staff, volunteers, interns or people making donations.

Recently we have collected a few quotes from these individuals:

“Without the Samaritan in my life, I would be so miserable and lost. I got some good quality sleep last night…”

“I look forward to Samaritan being open next winter.”

“As a past intern, I can say I love working with some great people at the Samaritan office and the shelter. They are dedicated employees and effective programs that bring heart to the community.”

“Looks great. So many dedicated folks willing to help others.”

We at Samaritan House love to hear these stories. Now we would like to hear from you.

Are you a former client, volunteer, intern, or staff?

What is your story about Samaritan?

Please post your stories on our Facebook Page, website, or email cmuniz3@live.com.