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Humanisation of Homeless

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Humanization of the homeless

Humanization of homeless is an essential element of Samaritan House’s mission. Sometimes we fall into the trap of assuming that what we need to improve the issue is more logistics and funding. However, what is much more important is that we maintain a supportive community for homeless where they are not isolated. Many of these individuals did not become homeless because of substance abuse, but rather due to their economic and social situations. Just because they do not have a home, it does not mean they are not human. It is the isolation and dehumanization of homeless as objects or even animals is what Samaritan House should strive to prevent.


Given the local environment and national economic and jobs situation, the Tri-County area of San Miguel, Mora and Guadalupe will continue to see drought, unemployment, housing challenges and poverty, all of which will continue to affect low-income people struggling to meet basic needs. Our vision is a community where all basic needs are met and individuals, agencies and communities are cooperating to ensure quality nutrition, housing and resource referral programs for everyone.

Samaritan House seeks a community with all basic needs met leading to participation, empowerment and social justice for all.


Samaritan House provides food, housing, and support services to people in need.  Our staff and volunteers collaborate with public, non-profit and interfaith agencies to provide a continuum of care to those in crisis due to homelessness and poverty. We seek social transformation by identifying and creating awareness of poverty.