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His name is Joseph

Joseph studied business and computer networking. He had an apartment, a truck, and a stable job at Walmart and local restaurant-pub Dick’s.

In June 2016, he went for a night walk in his neighborhood, before he was stopped by the police who thought that he looked suspicious. He ran back to his apartment in panic but was arrested and incarcerated for five months. Joseph was released in December 2016.

He lost everything. He lost his apartment as the rent was overdue, his truck was towed away, his job taken away from him, and his belongings still with his mother. He stayed at his friend’s for a week after but was eventually forced out on the streets.

The wintry nights took hold of him and he was frostbitten on his right foot in January 2017. There was first-degree damage on all of his right toes. After being admitted to the hospital, he was told he would have to have the injured area amputated in July. Although two of his toes have recovered, he was not able enough to retrieve his job at Dick’s.

Joseph is currently working with his mother to apply for a disabled workers’ permit to get a job so that he can get a Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Apart from that, he has little plans for the future.